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Boone Biblical Memorial Church, 921 W.2nd

Street, Boone, IA 50036  Changes, changes!

The site of the church building is in the same location as the Boone Bible Tabernacle that was built in 1900. The former building was demolished in 1989. You can see some photos of the original church on the Photo Album page. The ministry was quite a thriving place many years ago. There was a K-12 school, orphanage, old folks home,printing business, two radio stations, a farm and a camp! We now have a men’s shelter called “All For Jesus”. There are currently 20 men in the shelter.  Worship the King The main reason we come together as a family of God is to worship the Lord. When we humbly put our faith and trust in Him, we receive His blessing, guidance, and peace that passes all understanding. We hope you experience the healing touch of His grace today. Serve the Lord We are privileged to serve the living God. And we count it a responsibility and honor to serve others as Jesus Christ served us. At our church, there are many opportunities for you to use your gifts to reach out to others. Learn the word We believe the Bible is God’s perfect Word and is relevant to every generation. The Scriptures instruct us in truth and inspire us to please God with their daily lives. We hope you join us in studying the Word. Enrich your lives Being a believer in Jesus is a wonderful adventure! There are many ways members can experience the life changing touch of God here through existing ministries, Bible studies, and special programs. Children and adults of all ages can live out their faith in action. Building lasting friendships The bonds between Christian friendships are like no others. We believe in cultivating relationships and strengthening these bonds between members of our church. You’ll discoverer that encouragement, accountability, service, and love are the hallmarks of friendships here. And our arms are always open to welcome new friends. Updated Ministries Page!
Boone Biblical Memorial Church
Pastor Bruce Thomas